Monday, January 7, 2013

This Post Doesn't Have a Title on It

The spirits of holiday is coming to an end!  This is fine, even acceptable, but the very thought of going back to normal life is still aching for some of us. I do hope for a better year for all the friends from blogoshere. If you are reading this, thank you for your visit. Encouraged by my other half, I set my sights on attending a course this year and I am kind of terrified of this new step. I don’t mean to leave behind my dear blog but my gibberish posts a.k.a photos of my travels may be delayed. Perhaps it is about time to talk about food from my last trip, such as Panini, Fried cheese and a few set menu from McDonald, Selection of Cheese and Wine from the hotel, Fried Noodle from Wasabi, Scone, Pancake, and Christmas Cake, all of which I miss extremely nowadays!