Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine Sweet

Well, how many of you guys have plans to celebrate the day? Me? yes, I did have one, like going to a restaurant, buying us a cake and asking my other half to be my Valentine, but my plan fells short finally. Anyway, I do make some strawberry jam at home for my family and his and I think what can be sweeter than homemade strawberry jam today. I have to admit that it is not my recipe; it is all Jamie Oliver’s and thanks a lot for teaching me how from the show. Just like he said, for 2 kilos of strawberries, I add 300 grams of sugar and smashed them first. Then, stir and bring them to boil. When it boils, turns the stove to medium heat and, skims the foam every 5 minutes. When the color turns to deep red, I have got myself a nice homemade strawberry jam, which is not for me by the way, and I am happy to give those to my beloved ones. Happy Valentine Day everyone, especially you, my beloved AiR, Happy Anniversary too!!!