Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Blog Day

My dear on-edge,

I am so sorry to know that you are going through difficult times, I mean, your attempt to get away from your significant other. What happened? I know in my heart that he is a good guy and don’t really understand what have got into both of you. Personally, I know so little about marriage; as I don’t really believe in that piece of paper, forgive me if I offended you by speaking frankly. However, since you have been married to the one you love, I think it is fair to say that you have to respect the reason why you both got married years ago “Love”.

As I told you before, I am no expert in giving advice, and I don’t know what to say while you are going through this difficult adjustment. But, god, what really happened? Infidelity? Did he cheat on you or it was just the other way around? You once told me that he did exchange some flirty messages with two of his acquaintances, who you have never met after your marriage, by the way and you opted to ignore that, since you didn’t want to make a scene for nothing.  Actually, I don’t quite get that message part, as I could never unfaithful to whomever I am committed to. Don’t fly off the handle when I say that, may be you have been jealous.

Did you two talk the never-before-expressed-issues through? No, you didn’t get the problems out in the open. I can’t imagine how terrible you both feel when the infamous silent rules your home from time to time. What? You have no voice in your marriage, he acts like narcissist, and always says he is right and no one can tell him it is not. Don’t be so discouraging, and please don’t you feel like rubbish, a piece of crap, or unvalued person in your own home. Hey, whom are you kidding? You can sometimes be a real headache, you know that? You will blame someone for your own fault and may be your significant other is sick of that. Try to communicate in meaningful way and try not to end those communications in conflict, ok?

Let me tell you one thing, you two should try to do something you both enjoy like cooking, going to fitness, etc. Both of you have nothing in common? Music, literature, anything? Well, you don’t have to like what he likes; you just have to support him in some ways and he should do the same for you. If you two can’t support each other, who would. Differences complete our life in exciting way: We differ from each other and that’s the beauty of this world, don’t you agree? We are not programmed to eat, live, like alike and we should be grateful for that.

I don’t suppose you are physically abused during your relationship, as I have never seen that he raises his hand at you and you did not have occasional accident. But you feel insecure most of the time and emotionally abused. I don’t know why you feel the way you feel but I hope it has nothing to do with depression. I know how you feel that someone has been picking the slack and you really hate it. Hey, you help him in a lot of ways and you don’t just twiddle your thumbs at home.

Eh? You don’t appreciate his impulse to shop? Looks who is talking about the compulsion to shop and please, please, get off your high horses, I know you also love to shop, shop and even me, I am afraid to go out shopping with you, lol!!! Sorry about that, I can’t help myself, cut him some slack, will you? There’s more? He seems very different than his usual self? Or is it possible that he is going through mid-life transition? Did he buy the red sport car or talk about following his dream? I will leave the answer to your discretion, ok?

You know what, I have a great idea for you. Give yourself a break and think positively and who knows, your life will turn back to normal in no time!!! Why don’t you start reading some inspirational blogs or writing one blog of your interest instead of having a bone to pick with him for the moment? Yes, I have my own blog. It is a place where you can be yourself or someone else; you can write down anything (could be your online diary, or focus on fashion/music/education/food, etc.), and you can even interact with your readers/friends. Isn’t it amazing that the designated blog day is 31st August as when you write down 3108, it looks like Blog? There is more, if I recall my memory correctly, bloggers recommend five new aka previously unknown blogs to their visitors. You want me to introduce 5 new blogs? Hey whom am I kidding? I am still a newbie in this blogosphere and really grateful for those who always/often/rarely visit my blog by chance/by intention. Don’t forget to drop a message when you decide to have your own blog and wish you all the best starting from this BLOG day.

Sincerely yours,

Another on-edge

Post script: Sis Rose, thank you for your tag!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Central Plaza Ladprao

I would say it is an accepted fact that most people love to shop and even plan shopping sprees in Bangkok for very obvious reasons: you can buy almost everything in shopping mall. I admit that it sounds surreal, but then I can give you some examples. Those malls organize condo sales, not to mention car expos, travel fair (care for a trip?), and even a pack of chili can be bought without a sweat. The question here is which mall we prefer to shop at one’s ease. Well, if you happen to live near Ladprao area, you are in luck, Central Plaza Ladprao opened yesterday. Another great new is Krsipy Kreme has opened their second branch in Thailand there. As much as I concern about my weight gain, I find it hard not to eat their delicious coffee filling cappuccino doughnuts.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t expect to be overcrowded and hectic at the mall, and believe it or not, we had lunch at Starbuck coffee shop, as we could not wait the long queue for the restaurants and food loft. If you really don’t mind queuing, you can purchase by using credit card too: it took at least 20 minutes to sign the receipt due to technical error, lol. I didn’t get excited by window-shopping until I saw an airfryer from Phillip. But living in such a small space doesn’t give me any luxury of having this kitchen appliance. It is so simple to use, just put the chicken ball/French fry/barbeque chicken, wait 10-30 minutes depending on the dish. This chicken ball turned out to be delicious and I am still daydreaming of having one in my kitchenette. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Hound Café

Now who wanted to lose weight? Say what I want is to drop a few pounds and yet I still can’t control my impulse to eat whether at home or at the food court or anywhere. Besides, there is nothing wrong with that, right? If you are planning a meal in Bangkok, here is one café that you might want to hit, namely, Another Hound Café, the Italian delicacy with spicy Thai twist. That is where we meet our friend to have a small dinner the other day: it started with the appetizers like Bruschetta with Thai style chicken salad and fried ravioli, followed by different spaghettis/baked spinach cheese/ Thai style fish dish, which I like a lot by the way, then came what we really needed, caffeine.  I do love my Americano and this café, as it really provides a relaxed ambiance. Of course the food there is not on par with my insipid dishes, lol!!!  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


If your love for pen rules your consciousness then please check out this MontBlanc website.  These up-market pens are so lovely, elegant but not so affordable, at least, for me… and yet I still have this impulse to look at them everywhere possible. I can’t believe that the company started since 1908 and was later acquired by Dunhill in 1977. Since then, their marketing strategy has changed focusing on luxury goods other than pens. White six-pointed star with round edges representing snowcap of Mont Blanc is their trademark and sometimes it is specially made with diamond. We can engrave the pen and ask for simple technical assistance at the boutiques. But then we can always buy 20$ pen and get our pen engraved at Tokyu department store, right? You see, I can’t really write a post by not putting a bunch of photos and actually, that’s where all my glee moment begins. A few days back, I took those pictures at Siam Paragon where MontBlanc exhibits to celebrate the 20th edition of MontBlanc “Patron of Art” collection. Aren’t they tempting?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Witty comic strips

I had a great time meeting my classmates a few days ago but, for some reasons, felt a bit dispirited since. Then, I tried to cheer myself up by eating out, window shopping, watching movies, blog walking and nothing really worked until I read the following cartoons by Maung Sein. I really enjoy reading or looking at those cartoons and tell myself, “Wait a minute, my friends from blogosphere might like them and why not sharing them.”  Here are a few snapshots and if anyone objects posting those comics in my blog due to legal right, I am more than happy to delete this post.