Friday, October 29, 2010

Universal Studios 3!

The lost world feature two themes: Jurassic Park and Water World. The stunts, explosion, spills have their moments @ water world and I will post them in next post.

Jurassic Park? It is great for many reasons: Dino-Soarin, where we can pilot our own ride, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, the water raft system, tossed on waterways within the compound, Canopy Flyer, and Amber Rock Climb.


If you mind getting wet, one can buy the rain coat for S$2 at the entrance of Rapid Adventure. I definitely felt dizzy after that ride, so I didn't bother to go for the second round. Since I want to avoid the malaise like I was on Enchanted Airways, I did not climb my way to top @ Amber Rock Climb or glide through the treetops to enjoy the bird’s –eye view of the park @ Canopy Flyer.

Canopy Flyer
I looked definitely sulky until I was @ Discovery food court, where we had our lunch. How can my other half live with moody me, especially when I am hungry? Anyway, we got lucky as we did not have to wait for long, the rice with roasted chicken and chicken were delicious, noodles from kid’s menu was awful, and almond jelly dessert was tasteless. By the way, it is not allowed to bring any drinks or food from outside, but no one bothers to search our backpacks or bags at the entrance of the studios.


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