Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walk around Shwe U Min Cave

Shwe U Min cave welcomes a lot of visitors in Shan state and I particularly like, of course, to walk around the shops, which sell pickled tea leaves, dried tea leaves, various snacks, and cotton longyi, etc. All the shops are found on the way to Shwe U Min cave a.k.a Golden cave and the people who run the shops are friendly and hospitable. As terribly indecisive as I always am, I couldn’t decide which shops have the best pickled tea leaves, tea leaves and snacks, and as such I bought them from different shops, lol!!!


Iora said...

I really wanna have this kind of Laphet.
Whenever I go to Shan State I didn't miss to buy good Lapnet. It was my priority! :D

မီးမီးငယ္ said...

I miss there...
When I was in TG,my uncle always take me go to Pindaya,every Zaynye(ေစ်းေန ့)and(တေပါင္းလျပည့္ေန ့)။
We made camp near lake(ပုတ္တလုတ္ကန္) and stayed there.How about Laphet!!May be a bit bitter for other people.That area are ဓႏု အင္းသား ပအို ့,so they like more bitter taste.

Mon Petit Avatar said...

Sis Iora and Mee Mee Nge, I love the laphet from there, as it tastes different and delicious, probably thanks to a lot of oil. I did not have a chance to go Zay Nye and really wanna see the liveliness of the market. May be next time (finger crossed), hehe!

san htun said...

လက္ဖက္စားၿပီး ေရေႏြးၾကမ္းေသာက္ခ်င္တယ္..အမွတ္တရ ပစၥည္းေလးေတြလည္း လွတယ္

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