Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Temple Fun Fair

It has been a day or two that I heard some noises from nearby temple. This evening, I took a look at the temple from the veranda and saw some lighting, which seemed to be the yearly temple festival. After dinner, I dragged my other half to the temple and took the following pictures. If I have to compare with some other places, it is a very small fair and yet represents the typical temple fun fair in Thailand. It was crowded, and people appeared to be having a good time. Filled with curiosity, I went online to find out more, and guess what I found, this  particular website to help organize such an event to raise funds for the temple. 


Care for a massage?

Or prefer hits or misses?

Other options for kids

I think they are playing Bingo!

For artsy kids


Sunny said...

အဲလိုပြဲေစ်းတန္းေလွ်ာက္ျပီး မုန္႔ေတြ ေလွ်ာက္၀ယ္စားခ်င္တယ္..

Mon Petit Avatar said...

ဗူးသီးေၾကာ္ကိုစားခ်င္တာ Sunny ရဲ့. အမ်ိဳးသားကိုအပူကပ္ရေတာ့မွာပဲ.

baby taster said...

O့ o
အေပၚဆံုးက ဘာေၾကာ္ေနတာတုန္း
စားခ်င္လိုက္တာေနာ္ :) ေနာက္ေန႔
ေၾကာ္ေကြ်းမယ္ ဗူးသီးသိလာ လာခဲ့ေနာ္ :)

Mon Petit Avatar said...

หอยทอด: fried oyster, baby ရဲ့ ဗူးသီးေၾကာ္ ဆို လာမွာစိတ္ခ်!

Anonymous said...

J'ai été pour en Thaïlande, à BKK en 2004 pour la dernière fois, en retour de RGN. C'était vraiment génial. On a eu du plaisir de se promener à travers des marchés en plein air. Cela me manque..!

Maintenant, j'ai à nouveau cet atmosphère à travers tes photos. Elles sont magnifiques et parlent de cette société. Bravo et merci..!

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