Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Bangkok, Goodbye Yangon 12!

Dear MAI,

Thank you so much for your easygoing policy regarding the luggage and I honestly didn’t expect to be asked: “Is that all?” from the staff at the Bangkok airport. The care and the food during the flight were good enough for me. I arrived safely to Yangon and was whisked through immigration, and customs. Well, since my luggage is not as big as some travelers, the officers let me pass without a blink. I did disappoint with some porters (though I specifically asked them not to, and asked tips for the help). I understand that 1000 Kyats/person is nothing but I really don’t want to spend 3000Kyats for just lifting the luggage from the cart and put them in the car. 

Do you expect to read some bad or good things about the services? Here is my impression: I am glad that you now have your own lounge @ Yangon airport where we can enjoy a variety of food and drinks, surfing the net (Yahoo, and Blogspot) without disruption, and other activities. 8$/person is actually not a bad deal given the food and services.  The fact that I had to forgo my seat to other passenger made me realize some very important thing: My golden land hasn’t changed a bit. I don’t mind giving my seat to some monks or an old lady or a patient, but I did feel awkward giving my seat to a middle-aged man with no apparent handicap. Since being not on the schedule is not unusual for you, I don’t want to make a big new about it for sure. As your candid passenger, I would like to see you improve your services in every way and hope to see you soon.




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