Monday, March 7, 2011

7 March

I am married to someone who doesn’t make a big deal about Valentine or Birthday. It is official; he never celebrates his birthday nor encourages living it up mine. But I couldn’t consider him as cold-hearted person since he always brings something as a present from his trips. I don’t know where he has got the idea of doing nothing on the occasion like this. This morning, I asked him to call his mom and dad and I am sure they are doing some good deeds for their beloved son. What do I come up with this occasion? One may cook the perfect dish, bake a perfect cake and buy the irresistible gift like iSomething, but in my case, I bought a wallet, a card, and a cake and suggested this morning of dining out together. I have no idea how he would react when he sees the cake since it is too much for him, in spite of that, I hope he eats it at least a small piece.  


Nyi Linn Thit said...

C'est mignon...!!! :)

J'ai remplacé "love" à la place de "something" dans le mot "iSomething". En effet, c'est bien ce que j'ai ressenti dans ce post.

Sunny said...


Mon Petit Avatar said...

Ko NLT, je viens de traduire ce que tu as commenté, et je crois qu'il est heureux!!!

Thanks Sunny for your wish.

rose said...

My ChitChit is also same like your hubby, sis. I understand how you feel exactly. I am not sad because I know that he loves me :D

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