Monday, March 14, 2011


I may seem cold, distinct, egoist all the time, but as expressionless I may be, I do have a heart. Every time I watch the news about this terrible disaster in Japan, I am nearly in tears. Not because I don’t care about what happened in Haiti, or what is happening in Middle East, just because the earthquake, the tsunami, and nuclear crisis seem so tragic and frightening. Sometimes we got caught up in our busy lives and almost forget to be sensitive in a lot of issues. I don’t want to be considered as melodramatic person and it is not in my blood to be expressive, yet I am still saddened by the tragic news.

Even so, I am glad to know that most of my friends are fine and struggling. Here is what one friend mailed me back “Our life is and will be inconvenient, but we have to endure the situation for a while”. I aspire her mentality and honestly wish she and her family cope with this horrible experience. Just got news of another friend, who lives in Sendai, that she has got food from government and now staying at the shelter. I can’t imagine people are now dealing with enormous stress and the very experience of losing someone or something they have cherished in their lives.

Nothing brings out the most sadness than reading, watching the news nowadays and my words will never be able to explain how I feel about the series of unfortunate events in Japan. No matter how rich the country is, no matter how strong their mentalities are, they might still need our help in many ways.  Those links the articles about organizations working on relief and recovery in the region and I wish all those people facing terror could be reborn anew from ashes like phoenix in no time.


Nyi Linn Thit said...

Je comprends tout à fait ce que tu ressens à ce sujet. J'ai, moi aussi, le même sentiment comme toi, comme des milliers de millions de personnes dans ce monde. Tout ça s'est passé très vite et c'est effrayant de voir comment un pays comme Japon s'est fait ecraser devant la nature, en si peu de temps...

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