Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Market - Bath

This is the final post about Christmas markets, which I have been wandering during my trip and with this post, I would like to thank you my other half for dragging me there. Lured by the beauty of Roman Bath, I spent more time than expected in the complex and that would explain fewer photos for the markets, naturally. Alas, I had 10 minutes to eat my lunch from the Pasties shop around the corner and those are really delicious. The shop appearance and cheap price may be misleading, but whatever it lacks in decoration is made up for the taste. Although I was happy with my choice of baguette, I was even happier with the two puffs that my other half chose. Of course, the food might not be the finest the world can give; it is still good for grabbing a bite, which will put you in a gleeful mood. 


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Yes, yummy, in deed, sis!

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