Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Wonderland - Hyde Park

Winter wonderland and Christmas Market in Hyde Park makes fun fair in here seems like a child’s play. I did not enjoy any ride in wonderland due to my phobias and yes, I did take a few not that great pictures. Now I am back to my love-hate city. Big Christmas trees, giant beer parks, New Year lightings and repetitive songs force me to feel as if Santa is really coming to this place and yet ever so lovely hot weather makes me realize the opposite. In fact, it is too hot for Santa to come to town and I completely understand his residency in North Pole. How am I doing? Well, everything is great: except for my bank balance and allergic reaction due to hot, hot, hot weather. Anyway, my own hell might be someone else’s paradise because I heard someone at Heathrow saying with a lot of excitement about coming here to get tanned. You definitely will!!! As usual, here comes the pictures and I hope you all have a great holiday!!!


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