Monday, June 21, 2010

Unexceptional Sunday

Sometime last week, I asked my husband whether he likes the background picture of my blog or not. His answer? “I don’t know, I don’t have time to check that out.” Well, I am grateful for his honesty and at the same time, feel a little bit dejected. Anyway, even though someone as close as him doesn’t commit himself to read my blog, I will keep blogging: It is not about being read, it is about being written.

My Sunday was unexceptional: I go out, I eat, and I show off. I tested sweep panorama @ Paragon Cineplex, had coffee @ Starbuck, and shopped @ MNG.

 Starbuck, 3rd floor Siam Paragon, has promotion: “Buy 2, get 1 free” for any drinks during 15-30 June. The staff suggested us to buy 2, thus we can get 3. How can we finish 3 cups of latte while we normally share one big mug?

As MNG has sales, 50%, I am tempted again. But this time, I don’t spend a fortune on a cute clutch purse. I am somewhat glad that they don’t have many shoes this time.

The A-Team makes me dizzy: I can’t recall most scenes as I close my eyes during car chase or shooting scenes. In any case, another movie in my to watch list is Predators. 


အန္တီခ်မ္း said...

i know you are a regular reader of my blog
and i don't know who you are i think you are one of my friend and then i checked and found out you are not.
but it doesn't matter
speaking of your husband doesn't interested in your blog i will say it is better and don't feel rejected
there are still other people like me interested in what you write
and i also think writing in English is a good experiencing and exercising
i tried that too, but just not work for me
keep up the good job
writing blog is like you are enjoying you own world with new friends
and you will see urself very happy in it
the beginner will fine blogging is very addicting
but keep go on and try to balance

Mon Petit Avatar said...

Thank you, actually, I love your personality, so I kept visiting your blog. Well, I am an addict even before I have my own blog, lol.

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