Monday, January 30, 2012

Vientiane At A Glance - 3

That Dam

I gained like a kilo during my very short trip to Vientiane, mainly due to spending too much time eating. Well, It took me 2 weeks to weigh myself and of course, I did not want to know the truth. I felt heavier and I am heavier than usual. However, food wouldn’t weigh on my mind so much and thus I will keep on eating, and dreaming of eating. By the way, I have this (naughty) habit, browsing the recipe in the net before I fell asleep, and I wonder why I don’t look slender over and over again. OK, let’s move on to my delicious post, I mean my Vientiane post. By evening, I had visited That Dam (Black Stupa), met my other half’s colleague, strolled around the city, Mekong River and had a delectable meal at Nazim Restaurant. Same as always, I write down how much it costs, and it is approximately 15 dollars for dinner. After that, it was still early to go back to hotel, said my other half, and thus we headed to the roadside café, where we had a fruit juice, iced tea and potatoes chips as an appetizer. 

Along Mekong River bank

@ Night market alongside the river bank


မိုးေငြ႔...... said...

အသဲပံုေလးနဲ႔က Chicken Nagget လားအမ...။ လက္ဖက္ရည္ေအးထင္တယ္ အန႔ံေလးရလိုက္သလုိပဲ...။

Iora said...

I also don't wanna know the truth just like you....
Enjoy reading the delicious trip...
Thanks for sharing..
Take care.

Mon Petit Avatar said...

It is chicken and arloo cutlet sis, evening by thinking about it, I am hungry!

I am still persuading myself not to go near my omron scale sis Iora, hehe!

An Asian Tour Operator said...

I love to travel and taste local foods but most of the time and especially I miss my dinner as I love to taste local beer too :))

Mon Petit Avatar said...

Beer Lao was great too, but we opted for wine (not pictured) as in Vientiane, they are not that expensive and have quite a selection from various countries.

san htun said...


Nyi Linn Thit said...

အစပိုင္း စာေၾကာင္းေတြကို သေဘာတက်နဲ႔ ဖတ္သြားတယ္၊ မအိပ္ခင္မွာ ဟင္းခ်က္နည္းေတြ ၾကည့္ထားေတာ့ အိပ္တဲ့အခါ အိပ္မက္ထဲ ဟင္းေကာင္းေတြ စားရမယ္ ထင္တယ္၊ ဟုတ္..?

ညစာ စားၿပီးမွ ႏႈတ္ၿမိန္စာ ထပ္စားတာကိုလည္း တအ့ံတၾသနဲ႔ သေဘာက်ရ ျပန္တယ္၊ း) Btw, BKK အတြက္ ဖိတ္ေခၚတာ ေက်းဇူးပါေနာ္၊ ဒီတစ္ေခါက္ေတာ့ ျခေသၤ့ကြ်န္းကေလးဆီက ျဖတ္မွာမို႔ မေရာက္ျဖစ္ေသး ဘူးဗ်ာ..။

Mon Petit Avatar said...

They are quite tasty for me, sis San Htun!

Sure, I sometimes dream of eating some food, especially quiche or apple pie or souffle, something I don't don't know how to cook. Wish your family have a marvelous trip!!!

mstint said...

ညေစ်းတန္းေလးေလွ်ာက္ၿပီး ဗိုက္ဆာလာလို႔အားေပးသြားတယ္။
အခုအိပ္ယာဝင္ခါနီးဖတ္မိလို႔ တကယ္ဗိုက္ဆာလာသလိုပဲ မြန္ေရ း)
အာလူးေၾကာ္တီတင့္ကအၿမဲဝါးေနတတ္တယ္ :P


Mon Petit Avatar said...

Thank you so much for your wish and visit, Aunty Tint.

တီခ်မ္း said...

i always love the clear blue skies from laos and cambodia,

and vietnamese noodle FUR

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