Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vientiane At A Glance - 1

My Oh My, where have I been? Well, nowhere and somewhere. I was stuck in the city of no-joy and have not been healthy, mostly mentally. Don’t worry, I was not admitted to anywhere. My last post was written a few weeks ago and I felt like ages. Blogosphere, here I come, with the usual pictures without any wit. It is about the trip to Vientiane, which is not extraordinary by the way, with my other half last year. My stingy self forced us to go there by train, and thus I got the chance to take those ordinary pictures. We decided to have dinner @ Hong Kong Noodle, conveniently situated opposite Hua Lamphong station. The food was not particularly delicious as I expected, may be I chose their infamous menu, but I couldn’t complain much due to location. The train left from Hua Lamphong station @ 8 p.m. and arrived to Nong Khai the next day @ 10:30 a.m. instead of 8.30 a.m. Then it took us an hour and half from Nong Khai - Thai Immigration - Lao Immigration – to Vientiane. You can look into the visa requirement here in case you want to go there. For those who love to travel by train, here is web for you to check out the route and price. Hope you all like this post and thank you so much for visiting this blog.

View from the train 1

View from the train 2

On our way to Thai Immigration

On our way to Vientiane 1

On our way to Vientiane 2


Iora said...

Please take care of yourself.
Interesting trip.
Food looks not that bad and I even want to make and eat egg and clear soup like that.
The train also looks nice!
wish u r healthy both mentally and physically.

Mon Petit Avatar said...

Normally, I love the clear soup like that too, but it was not that delicious that day regardless of the ingredients: shumai, crab meat, roasted pork and roasted duck. Please try to make it at home and post it in your blog sis, I am happy to eat even from the screen.

မိုးေငြ႔...... said...

အဲဒီsoup ကိုေတြ႔ေတာ့မွာ အိမ္မွာ အျမန္ဟင္းရည္ ကို ၾကက္ဥနဲ႔ခရမ္းခ်ဥ္သီးေလးနဲ႔ အဲလို ဟင္းရည္အၾကည္ကိုလုပ္ရတာသြားသတိရမယ္...။

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