Sunday, May 30, 2010

My weekend

Since Paragon reopens, me and my other half never have time to relax at home. An extra holiday makes our life more alive, busy, and more hectic than usual. It is not because we have to go to the party or any gathering, just that we have a lot of things to fix. Yesterday, I noticed my much-loved 2Kyats 50 pence camera was not working well; I had to send it to service center (and I have to wait for 2 weeks to get it back). Then to another service center as my other half wanted to change his window version from vista to window 7. We were running back and forth between Tokyu and Paragon. It was indeed very tired afternoon, thus we decided to have dinner @ Coca, Siam Center branch. We just ordered crispy noodle with gravy, stir-fried morning glory, fried shrimp seeing that we are not a big fan of suki and red meat.

I always feel like a new movie wraps up our weekends.  So, we decided to watch Shrek Forever After on Saturday. Before going to movie, it was a very long wait for me @ iStudio by copperwired , Paragon branch as we had to literally wait for apple.  To tell you the truth, I don’t want to know about time capsule, mobile me, or bamboo. I don’t really care the differences between MacBook and MacBook Pro.  All I wish for is I make to the movie on time, sorry about that my dear, I know I am being selfish and thank you so much for your magic mouse and so on. Well, we didn’t waste any time during that installation time: I got what I wanted (for those who love shoes like me, Paragon offers sales starting from 15% discount), kitchen appliances, and most of all, have dinner at Prantalay in food court. It is a place that we love to eat when we have no time. The movie? It is very entertaining, and I am all smiles now. 



Sunday? Probably wake up late, have breakfast around noon, get to my daily routine, try to do house chores and prepare meal from scratch.


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