Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gadgets and shopping, which cost us dearly

Just yesterday, I read about 5 Common Habits That Cost You Dearly” in Yahoo. I was indifferent that time, as we don’t have the following habits mentioned by the author Kerry K. Taylor: Paying only the minimum balance, Buying a brand new car, Smoking, Keeping a drafty attic, Ignoring the student debt.

Well, well, well, a few hours later, after having our favorite breakfast, my husband and me headed to MBK to look for iPad. After asking a few shops, and considering the price differences, he decided to get wifi 3G 64 GB instead of 32 GB. What was I thinking that time? First of all, we are lucky that we don’t live in USA. Then, new gadgets are very tempting for my significant other. So I just want to say to Steve Jobs: “Please stop creating new gadgets for at least 1 year.” I am just pulling your legs, my dear.

Then we decided to walk around to burn some calories literally. It has been a while that the prices are discounted in several stores: ZARA up to 50%, MNG up to 70%, Massimo Dutti up to 50%, and other brands. It is very crowded in ZARA, and the quality is so-so, except for some shoes. Here we go again, shoes, shoes, and shoes. I tried some but didn’t buy, as the heels are super high for me. I take my hats off to those who could pull them off. 

Dutti ( downloaded picture)

MNG? I like some dresses, prices from 50-100 $, and didn’t buy any of them. I need more casual wear than those party dresses. Moving forward to Massimo Dutti, I fell in love with the new collection, so I only window-shop. Other luxury brand? It is beyond my budget, so just surfing from the Internet is more than enough for me. Anyway, I love Hermes, TODS, and Versace.

As a matter of fact, for my casual wear, I prefer local brand such as Jaspal, and CHAPS than ZARA or MNG. May be I am not happy to see ZARA at export shop in Thailand, India, etc or I am just thinking of Value for Money. I got excited when I see the 20 % off sign at Jaspal. I got one blouse, yes, only one, and I am so content with the quality, and style. If I remember it correctly, 20% off for clothing during 1-4 July, 30% off for accessories until 18 July.

JASPAL (downloaded picture)

I even asked the staff when will they have sale up to 50%, and she gently smile at me and says “ I am not sure yet”, and asking me why I didn’t buy one cutie blouse with lace and flower pattern print. I paused for 5 or 6 seconds and replied her, “I love that blouse, it suits me beautifully, but the problem is my skin color. The off-white lace and hot pink flower color combination didn’t do any favor to my skin.”

Let’s go back to the beginning to “ 5 Common Habits That Cost You Dearly”. Even though we don’t have such habits, our obsessions for new technology, shopping for unnecessary things will definitely cost us dearly in the long run.


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