Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To Sir, With Love

Finally, I have my chance to enjoy Season Finale of GLEE today. Yes, please don’t confuse, it broadcasted a month ago in USA, but since I am in BKK, I can love life the program just today, thanks to Star World. Anyway, it was worth waiting. My eyes were full of tears when I watch the group’s tribute to Will by singing “To Sir, With Love”. 

“Journey” for regional is not bad actually, however, I am somewhat disappointed by the fact that “Kurt” had little chance in singing. Still and all, I love Glee, and other musicals. No, I don’t sing, don’t watch MTV, don’t listen much, and there is a lot of things I don’t do relating to arts.

I do want to thank to my other half, who is out for business dinner, for letting me have my GLEE moment alone. Me sitting on the couch in front of TV, enjoying a mug of brewed black coffee after dinner and feeling like I am with the casts, reach my heart’s content. What did I have for dinner? Just bean vermicelli salad with shrimp and watermelon. 


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