Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It’d be laughable

Pic from App Store.
Mrs. M: “Hi, Mr. A.  How are you? How have you been? Long time no see.”
Mr. A: “ Oh, hello, Mrs. M, I am fine. Thanks, and when did you arrive here? I am sorry I didn’t get in touch with you for a while. I was busy as bee last month.”
Mrs. M: “It is ok; I come here to find out how you think of our service tools. Are they practical, convenient and helpful for you and your colleagues?”
Mr. A: “Not quite actually. But we would like to use them for a while.”
Mrs. M: “Really? Well, thank you for your support.”
Mr. A: “Please don’t mention it. But it would be more beneficial for us to use much improved tools in no time.”
Mrs. M: “OK, by the way, even though we have lost contact, will you keep using our company’s services?”
Mr. A: “Why not? Let me put it this way, I don’t know who created Yahoo! Mail, but I use them everyday, as I am satisfied with the services. Like wise, as long as those service tools contribute, we will continue to work with your company.”

Though I have less sense of humor, my other half is full of wit. Let’s say, he could make fun of everything, his conversations are full of humor, but sometimes, those witty chats could come to be smart-alecky. 


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