Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Twilight Saga

After reading this post, I wanted to admit that I am a Twilight fan though I am no longer adolescent or be Tint Tint's age for several years.  I tried to buy the tickets for Eclipse through Internet first. Most of the seats are not available, so I decided to go and buy at the theatre this afternoon. Unfortunately, the majority of the seats in the back rows have already booked or bought to the last show at the normal theatres. I have no choice but to queue at Krungsri IMAX theatre. At one point, I was indecisive due to price difference (200 Baht Vs 500 Baht/seat): the stingy part of me saying “no”, and the spendthrift part of me telling me “ why not, the ticket price is still cheaper than other country”. What am I today, stingy or spendthrift? I’d rather let the tickets tell its own story. Please don’t disappoint me, “Eclipse”, like “Knight and day” did.


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