Saturday, May 28, 2011

From Lunch to Tham Pung Chang Cave

After the Monkey cave, we were headed for lunch which included the following dishes. I didn’t have a problem taking pictures of food since all of us are not local and we all are amateur photogs. It is kind of amusing to see all of us try to take pictures of the dishes, a fraternity or I can’t think of anything to name our common interest. I didn’t luck out to take 2 regular yet delicious meals from the lunch, the never-made-me-bored-omelet and simply-delicious-stirred-fried-mixed-vegetables.

Later the guide brought us to the Tham Pung Chang, kind of new attraction from Phang Nga, to explore the nature. There I was, not knowing what to expect from the next location, tried not to think of unpleasant thoughts like drowning and the claustrophobic interior. When we reached the location, they handed me the head flashlight and told us not to bring anything, anything at all. I refused to go there inside at first, as all I could see was the canoe, the water, the cave, and the darkness, in other words, the combination of fear factors. Anyway I did survived during the tour, canoeing, and bamboo rafting by most of our country mates who work there and walking in the cave to explore natural environment.  


SHWE ZIN U said...

ညီမ ေရ


Nyi Linn Thit said...

wow.. အဲဒီလို ေမွာင္နဲ႔မည္းမည္း ဂူထဲမွာ တခါေလာက္ေတာ့ ေလွဝင္စီး ခ်င္တယ္၊ တကယ့္ အေတြ႔အႀကံဳပဲ၊ အဲ.. ကင္မရာေတာ့ အျပင္မွာ ထားခဲ့မယ္၊ းD

An Asian Tour Operator said...

Cave ေတြကို စိတ္၀င္စားတယ္။ ေရာက္တဲ့ ေနရာတိုင္းမွာ ရွိတဲ့ ဂူေတြကို မျဖစ္ျဖစ္ေအာင္ စီစဥ္ၿပီး၀င္ေလ့ရွိတယ္။ ငယ္ငယ္ ကတည္းက ဗုံးခိုဖို႕ တူးထားတဲ့ ဂူေတြ၊ သဘာ၀ဂူ ေတြကို အခ်ိန္ေပးရွားႀကံ၀င္ခဲ့ဘူးတယ္။ မေလးရွား မွာ၀င္ခဲ့ Batu Cave က Dark Cave (၃ နာရီခန္႕) နဲ႕ Taman Negara Rainforest အတြင္းက Ear Cave (၁ နာရီခြဲခန္႕) အႏၱရယ္ အလြန္မ်ားပါတယ္။ အခုေတာ့ Ear Cave က ၿပိဳက်ၿပီးပိတ္သြားၿပီ။ တျခားဂူေတြ အမ်ားႀကီး၀င္ၾကည့္ခ်င္ေသးတယ္။ သူတို႕ မွာ ဂူ ထဲက ကမာၻေလး ရွိတယ္။

Mon Petit Avatar said...

မမ ေရႊဇင္ဦး လာလည္တာေက်းဇူးပါေနာ္။

ဂူထဲကို ထပ္သြားမလားဆိုရင္"Thank you so much for the lovely invite, but unfortunately I'm going to have to pass this time." လို႕ေျပာရမွာေသခ်ာတယ္ ကိုညီလင္းသစ္။

ဂူေတြအေၾကာင္း ေျပာျပသြားေပးတဲ့ An Asian Tour Operator ကိုေက်းဇူးပါေနာ္။

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