Saturday, May 12, 2012

ASIATIQUE The Riverfront

Am I really ready to shop anywhere? “Yes” is the correct answer since the question comes from no-brainer like myself.  That being admitted, I would like to share one new open-air mall with Chao Phraya river views, namely, ASIATIQUE The Riverfront, which I have visited yesterday. Going there is quite easy: from BTS Saphan Taksin station, I took free shuttle boat from the Sheraton Pier provided by the mall starting from 5 p.m. The mall itself is situated on Chareonkrung Road and we can expereice shopping, dining, and architecture at the same place, the old port of the East Asiatique Company, from 5 pm to midnight. However, most of the shops are still in work in progress stage and the best part of it, I might have to go there again to enjoy newest shopping experience. 


san htun said...

လည္ပတ္ဖို ့ ေကာင္းတဲ့ ေနရာေလးပဲ မမြန္ေရ

Iora said...


Mon Petit Avatar said...

Sis San Htun and Iora, it is a beautiful place to hang out even without shopping indeed. I do have to thank all my friends for their stop to my blog too!!!

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