Monday, November 1, 2010

Universal Studios 5!

If you like the excitement, “ the Revenge of the Mummy” in Ancient Egypt is perfect for you. Why? It is a high-speed roller coaster, which includes sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, dropping, and backwards orders, not to mention the fireballs, scarab beetles, and spooky mummies in the darkness. As might be expected, I didn’t even bother to queue after looking at the pictures: they do hang some pictures of people screaming during the ride on the wall at the entrance.

“Treasure Hunters” is a joy ride, where we can journey to sandy ancient Egypt, riding our own vintage car through the excavation site. 

“ Carter’s Curiosities” has been my favorite souvenir shop of the Universal Studios, where I fell in love with some statues and accessories. 

There is more, a few performers are there for us to be able to take pictures with them, and of course we have to queue.


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