Thursday, November 4, 2010

Universal Studios 7!

This post is about Hollywood, and the final part of Universal Studios posts, as there seems to be not much left of it. After sitting on a bench at New York for a while, I walked towards the “Kowabunga Kove” to find out what was a going on. It is simply a group of singer/dancer were singing/dancing the songs mostly from High School Musical.

After their performance, I watched the Monster Rock show; a mini-musical, universal monsters singing and acting in rock -n- roll style, which lasted round about 20 minutes. It was the happiest moment of my entire day for me but some people might totally disagree, especially my other half. Though he may never understand why really dig Glee or HSM or Sweeny Todd, he, in fact, never fail to buy the latest DVD releases and I am always grateful for that.

Then we went to Mel’s Drive-In, where we had coffee and Burgers. It tasted better than McDonald probably I chose the spicy chicken. When it begun to get dark, we just went to the stores to look for souvenirs.

Around 7:45 p.m, I said good-bye to the theme park, and headed back to the city. I would love to go there again, not to try the thrilling rides (I don’t need my body releases adrenaline), but to spend my whole day by watching the shows I love. 


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