Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

I miss my family more than anyone could imagine this time of the year, not that I believe in Santa, but that this is the time I had much fun with my family. Back home in Yangon, I am sure my brother and sisters will get together to celebrate my youngest sister’s birthday, doing good deeds in the morning and drink a toast to her in the evening.

More than a decade ago, my mom went into labor this very day and gave birth a cute little baby. As most husbands do, my father was outside the labor room; anxiously waiting for the news. The following conversation took place an hour later when a nurse came out and informed him about the newly born.

“Your wife has just given birth a baby.”
“Thank you, a boy or a girl.”
“I don’t know, I just know it is a baby. Anyway, I will check again and let you know.”

Later that night we all knew about the baby girl and since then she has been with us, and stuck together through thick and thin. I just let my family knows that my heart and soul are with them today and wish my little sis “A very Happy Birthday and many happy returns of this day”. 

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ကလူသစ္ said...

Happy Birthday ပါဗ်ာ။ နာ႔စ္က ေတာ္ေတာ္ေနာက္တာပဲ။

Mon Petit Avatar said...

Sure he does!!! May be he is as happy as the family.

baby taster said...

Happy Birthday par :)

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