Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday spirits

Christmas and New Year is almost here, but we have no idea where to go until now. I tried to persuade my other half that killing those times in Bangkok are not that bad, seeing that we have got to see the decorations @ various malls, and witness the seasonal beer gardens from November until New Year night. Don’t get confused by my choice of word, “Seasonal Beer Garden”, I don’t actually know how to call them. Every year from early November to the New Year’s Eve night in Bangkok, there are seasonal beer stations in different malls, operating every night (except some holidays) with the performance by various groovy bands. I am not sure about the countdowns stage in front of Central World like previous years. This time of the year, most people dress up intentionally just to take a beautiful picture with the amazing backgrounds, and of course shop around. Speaking of shopping, MNG started year-end sales since 18th December and so does CHAPS. The following are the snapshots of a few places in Bangkok and hope you get the brief ideas about what is like in Bangkok during these days.

@ Gaysorn

@ Central World


baby taster said...

ပံုေတြ လွလိုက္တာေနာ္
ဘန္ေကာက္က New Year က
၂၀၀၀ ခုႏွစ္က ၾကံဳဖူးတယ္
ပသူနာမ္းက world trade center
အေ၇ွ ့မွာေလ အမေလး ေလွ်ာက္သြားတာ
အသက္ေတာင္ မရွဴႏိုင္ဘူး။ မေသတေသပဲ
ဖုန္းပါ အသစ္စက္စက္ေလးက်ေပ်ာက္သြားတယ္ :)
ထံုခ်ိဳင္း သီခ်င္းဆိုလို႔ သြားၾကည့္တာပါ
ထံုခ်ိဳင္းေတာ့ မျမင္လိုက္ရဖူး
တညလံုး တံုခ်မ္း တံုခ်မ္းနဲ႔ ျပန္လာရတယ္ :)

Merry X'mas & Happy New Year Par

Mon Petit Avatar said...

Your comment makes me laugh and literally makes my day!!! Speaking of world trade center (now central world), we had similar experience in 2003, witnessed several fights and went back home in complete fear. Actually we were not enjoying the countdown, we were on our way home after enjoying Russell Crowe's Master and Commander movie in EGV (opposite of world trade center). Anyway, it was memorable, lol!!!

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