Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st December

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Dr. Francais Barre- Sinoussi has recently raised the following question “should it be possible to obtain a functional cure for HIV/AIDS during 27 years of HIV history”?

The following describes the burden of disease in general: Despite unprecedented international efforts, HIV/AIDS remains key challenge in global health equity and development. HIV remains at the 2nd position on the list of death caused by infectious disease with 5500 deaths and = 7400 new infections every day and more than 95% in resource- limited countries. Social behavior of patient should not be neglected: About 60% of HIV+ persons ignore their serological status (15-50% in Europe) and HIV is still a sensitive topic (sex & addiction, stigma, politics, religions, media). Nonetheless, we should also take into account of total 33.4 million of PLWH.

What I really concern most is PLWH, people living with HIV. I am not saying I don’t care for positive people. All I am saying is I am emotionally involved with these people and I am in constant agony whenever I hear their not so pleasant experiences, whether @ hospital or @ home. Who would want to live with the life threatening disease especially when you are the victim? Who would want to be regarded with contempt by a few, I mean really a few and not all, health personnel when you cried for help for your beloved ones' life-and-death? Who would want to live a life when you exactly know what will happen to you in no time? Who would understand the fact that your morality rates directly associated with your CD 4 counts and with the queue for ART? Who would want to employ you when you have limited knowledge and bear the disease burden? Who would want to be the one @ death’s door? I would like to thank you all for reading to this far and personally would like to dedicate this post to those courageous, yet afraid of predictable unfortunate event in their life, victims. I am still in pain whenever I think of the one particular PLWH saying “ I am afraid of death, and I don’t want to die like this” after witnessing her other half’s dreadful death due to this infectious disease.


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