Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hong Kong - the Peak

Another attraction with an incredible view in Hong Kong would be “The Peak”. We went there at night, as we wanted to see the spectacular night view of city skyline. Walking from Central station to the Peak Tram Terminus can be tricky, but fortunately for us, most Hong Kong residents are friendly and always willing to help, and give directions.  The peak tram ride and looking down from the peak to the fabulous view of the city was memorable.  The only inconvenience was a very long queue for the tram to the city: it was cold, windy, and we had to wait nearly two hours. So much for dinner @ local joint (dumplings, noodles, etc), and we ended up eating @ MacDonald that night. 


သက္ေဝ said...

Hong Kong ပံုေတြ လာၾကည့္သြားတယ္...
Night Shot ေတြ သိပ္လွတယ္... ကိုယ္တို႕က The Peak ကို ေန႔ဖက္မွာ ေရာက္တာဆိုေတာ့ ဒီလိုပံုေတြ မရခဲ့ဘူး... း))

baby taster said...

ကိုယ္ကေတာ့ မေရာက္ဖူးဘူး :(
ပံုေတြ ေငးသြားတယ္ေနာ္
ေတာ္ေတာ္လွတယ္ :)

Mon Petit Avatar said...

Thank you Ma Ma Thet Wai and Baby Taster for compliments. The view from the peak itself is amazingly beautiful.

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