Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hong Kong - Food

My other half usually expresses his impression of me as: “You don’t complain much when you are full and your face does not look sulky like you normally do.” LOL!!! I gained about 2 Kilos after my last trip, as I ate a lot more than I used to and you can imagine my smiley face all over the trip.

My daily eating habit starts with Buffet breakfast, where I dig eating bacon and omelet with cheese. For lunch, I usually go to McDonalds for Spicy Chicken Burger or roasted pork with rice from local food joint and later, afternoon tea at the hotel. 

Evening cocktail at the hotel is a must since I love, love eating those finger food and drinks. I got the chance to taste the wheat noodle in HK, which, by the way, is ok to eat. 

What I love eating most during the trip would be Spicy and crispy Crab from Night Market and Dumplings from Dumplings Pro, a Chinese joint in Wan Chai area. What did excite me is the freshly pork and vegetable dumplings, with subtle sweetness of the pork and vegetables and regret for not taking any pictures of them. I prefer sweet and sour chicken and chicken Kung Pao from my home town than that Chinese joint, what can I say, I am used to those flavors. 


Aung Myo Htet said...

Photos look yummy. Gotta ask you what to do in HK later. I plan to go there in 2011.

Mon Petit Avatar said...

Thank you for the comment and I am glad to share my mere experience.

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