Saturday, August 14, 2010


Who would have thought we would still be together until this very day! To celebrate this meaningful day for both of us, no invitation cards are sent to anyone, we expect no one but ourselves. Our relationship gets strengthened over years. I would say, “ two separate individuals joined together for combined venture (Joint Venture) and now, we form as Partnership, share the profit and take the burden of loss. Not so romantic, right?

Now comes the fun part, at least for me, as we go out to have lunch and dinner. Since I didn’t have time to eat Biryani during my last trip to Yangon, we decided to have lunch at Seit Taing Kya (from Yangon), which is located about 12 kilometers from our place. I have to say that the taxi fare always costs more than we eat, but it is still worth it, as the food and the service haven’t disappointed us yet. A detailed rendezvous with our country mates at their place, buying necessary things for my significant other’s coming trips will be omitted from this post.

After that, we were quite hungry, and finally made it to the 9th Café. So I ordered my ever so favorite, Spinach Lasagna, and as for my husband, soft shell crabs with pepper. Let’s not forget my coffee addiction: so Cappuccino for me and Latte for him, I totally neglect my calorie consumption at that time. The food tasted delicious and coffee tasted mediocre. I should have ordered water at that café and drink coffee at Starbuck. * The price on the menu doesn’t include 10% service charges and 7% value added tax.

When we saw the advertisement about Coach and Kenneth Cole Sales starting from 50% during 12th -15th August, we automatically headed to Paragon 4th Floor. For Coach, the sales items include bags, and small purses from last season, and bags, shoes, shirts, belts from Kenneth Cole are on sales from 50%. Goods sold are not exchangeable and refundable, so being cautious and picky about everything is a good habit in buying sales items, I believe. 


khin oo may said...

great: wonderful day!

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Thanks Ma Ma Kom for always dropping by.

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