Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Bangkok, Goodbye Yangon 5!

Yangon trip never completes without a lunch at my in-laws.  That one particular day, my friend, me and my other half met at Zawgyi house for morning coffee, and did a little shopping at various bookstores. Then we have been asked whether we would like to have lunch at home or not by his mom. I say “Yes!” without a blink. Well, I always fond of their home cooking since I can’t put together a lot of dishes like them. Then there is more, they always buy yoghurt as a dessert too.

* I can't believe I take only one shot for the fried chicken.

*The above chicken curry is from Golden City Indian Food and Tea house.

That day, I brought my dear friend, as she also loves to eat there. There we were, talking, having lunch, and forgot about everything except for those delicious dishes. I kind of forget to take one or two dishes, which I don’t eat. As I was expected, yoghurt has been bought from the market for us, and coffee was freshly brewed. I am always thankful and grateful for their warm and attentive treats whenever I am there.


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