Monday, August 23, 2010

The Kid in Me

I am neither cat nor dog person, and actually, I never have a pet of my own, and never intend to have one. But, I always love to buy teddy bears, and other cute furry little things. Now that I have aged, I found myself enjoying in petite sculptures and papier-mâché, which are not expensive, and cute of course. Let’s have a quick look at my passage: The traditional papier-mâché toys picture and the kid playing with his new toy were taken at ShweDaGon Pagoda two years ago and those ducklings were from last year. My last entry was about those long-tailed cats, which are made of wood and sold at Siam Center. I believe those things do bring out the kid in me in some ways.

I have been hungry for this local specialty from Myeik and today; I have a chance to cook it the way we both love to eat from local vendors there. Since we don’t want to eat meat or seafood, we always go to the particular hawker, who sells those noodles only in dried shrimp or Chinese sausage.  It is simple to cook, so I can pull it off. Most people love to add more meat or garnish with green onion, bean sprouts and slice lime and yet I love just the way without them . 


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