Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeling Blue

I have been under the weather since I am aware of my father’s health problem. I didn’t talk through about this with my other half as he has already had so many things to take care of. I stay up late most of the time, eat unhealthy food a lot, and that means my depression take over naturally.
 One evening, I was just sitting on the couch, and my other half curiously asked me about what were the results from my father’s recent health check-up. Since I didn’t really know the exact answer, he called to my sister, asked what happened, made an appointment with one doctor he relies on for the next day in order to make sure my father got the good care. It is just a small gesture, which I am sure most of us will act the same in similar situation, but I am grateful for his act that day.
Then I mentioned him about what I read from this blog, which apparently made me hungry at that time. So he prepared all those things for us to enjoy lunch and dinner on last Saturday. May be our preparation hasn’t got the look, but it sure taste delicious and I am, again, thankful for his act.

*We really love to eat the food separately even if it is supposed to be mixed with other ingredients in a dish.


Kristin said...

Sending positive thoughts to you re your father. How thoughtful of your other half to look after your father and to cook you a comfort meal. Best to you. Take care.

Mon Petit Avatar said...

It is very considerate of you for sending us positive thoughts and thank you for also dropping by.

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