Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello Bangkok, Goodbye Yangon 6!

It is true that I love tea, especially with noodles salad, at any teashop. A perfect combination of taste and satisfaction of mind can be found only in my native land. No other food combination is likely to fulfill my taste buds other than these in the morning. So, I try to have those most of the time during my every trip to Yangon. Spring rolls, however, fell between these two significant favorites.

I never try to make that snack myself since I have no doubt of my spring rolls turning up not well. I do have an option though, so I bought them from the street vendors. You might find it hard to believe, it costs only 20 Bahts. The fillings are different from my home, instead of cabbage, carrot, and meat of our choice, here, we can find mostly with bean vermicelli and shitake mushroom. I could eat just that as a lunch with salad, a sweet dressing, and sprinkle the smashed peanuts as a garnish.


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