Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just another day

Actually, I didn’t even looking for that kind of book when I tried to find English/Spanish picture dictionary for my dear friend a month ago. Then the very thought of buying English/Thai picture dictionary for myself came across yesterday and I bought it at last, my first English/Thai picture dictionary from Kinokuniya. The price is reasonable, the only weak point for that kind of dictionary is that we can’t compare and choose from various publishers.

Tough I have made some dishes for our dinner, my other half insisted to dine me @ the 9th Café. May be he noticed how I love to eat Italian/Thai fusion food last time and that’s why he tried to bribe me with the food I can’t say “no”. May be he knew the fact that I don’t normally cook and end up buying noodles or grilled chicken from street vendors or fast food whenever he is on the trips.

Well, this time @ the café, we skipped the coffee and ordered just water.  Remember the post about how I love to eat spring rolls, and I can’t restrain myself from not ordering that too. I love it as instead of cabbage or bean vermicelli, the 9th Café has come up with spinach, chicken and corn, and it was very appetizing. My other half enjoyed his soft shell crab with pepper while I have been a picky eater since my crab did taste more like breadcrumbs rather than crab. Overall, it was a very delightful evening if we disregarded the infamous traffic jam. 


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