Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Bangkok, Goodbye Yangon 7!

Surrounded by a group of friends who love to eat to the full gave me an ultimate experience of dining during my last trip to my hometown. Their treats stretched from morning to evening, from a simple and delicious tea to an undeniably yummy dinner. As usual, we were brought to that specific diner by a very good friend couple of my other half, and four of us had a great meal.

I chose Fish and Chips, yes, very old school, as I love to eat fish in every occasion. My beloved hubby had a hamburger, which was different from McDonald or Burger King and that’s why he loved it. Our hosts had spaghetti and tiger prawn salad, which I am sure flavorful. The satay was served as an appetizer, and we ordered water for the drinks.

Given our habit of having coffee after every meal, we eventually went to Coffee Circle, where we can access Internet for free. I saw a lot of customers in different age brackets, different racial types, and different clothing designs. Among our fellow citizens, more and more people prefer to wear jeans or frocks instead of our traditional sarongs. I don’t know how am I supposed to feel, proud or unhappy with the trendy styles. Anyway, this is my last post relating to my last journey to our golden land.


khin oo may said...

actually never ending story.

Mon Petit Avatar said...

Thanks Ma Ma KOM, for dropping by even though you are under the weather.

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