Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Are these manners socially acceptable?

The first thing I would likely to have seen such a behavior is from a teenager sitting on the bench at a park. But, no,no,no, I did not right it right again. There was this couple in their late twenties, not Thai, not European, and probably from India, got into the bus, and eventually got the seats. They cuddled, and sat very comfortably as if they were sitting in their living room. Am I way to traditional or conservative? Oh, wait, I have been to New Delhi, they don’t act like this in public.

Raining hard has destroyed my mood to enjoy the evening, so I came back home earlier than planned. On my way back home, I took the bus again as it is too convenient. Sitting besides me was a one good-looking Chinese-Thai in her early twenties girl. I did understand how bored she would be, trapped on a bus among strangers in Bangkok traffic. Through out the world, there are some different manners for us to comply, but sitting this comfortably on a bus is not one of them, I hope.

I didn’t know that the annoyance had more to offer: a group of multinational students, I guess, hopped in and had been talking to each other loudly the whole time. Most people stared at them, shook their heads for unspeakable reasons. I did nothing but to listen to dhamma from my phone to forget all unpleasant encounters. Am I being hypocrite for not expressing my feelings on the bus and worst of all, writing down in my blog? 


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