Friday, September 3, 2010

Wrap it Vs Starbucks

I have been eating out lately not because I am addicted to those foods, just because I have no time to cook. My other half doesn’t mind about eating home cooking meal or take-out, and the fun part is that I can easily persuade him to eat what I want to eat most of the time.

It was around 6:30 p.m, we were undecided about what to have for dinner, and I saw criss cut fries from Wrap it and that’s was it, with no hesitation, our evening meal of that day. Criss cut fries was delicious opposed to chicken wrap. The reasons? I am not a big fan of doner kebab for one and the dressing was so over powering for me as well.

Then it was one lunchtime, we were happened to be together and determined to have wrap from Starbucks. We ordered 2 chicken caesar wraps, one mini sandwich (but it does comprise 2 pieces), and one iced coffee jelly macchiato. Thank you for taking us out of wrap it misery, Starbucks. It was simply tasty and we both were satisfied of our lunch. The chicken tasted just the way we like it and the egg and crispy ham mix from a mini sandwich gave me an edge to enjoy my meal.

As might be expected, I did a price comparison, and the difference was only 42 Bahts: 2 chicken wrap value sets (wrap, criss cut fries and drinks of our choice) Vs 2 chicken Caesar wraps, one mini sandwich, one iced coffee jelly macchiato. Based on my own verdict, I would definitely go back to Starbucks for every occasion from this moment on.  


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