Friday, September 24, 2010

Chinese delights

When I was scrolling my photos this morning, these photos from China Town suddenly caught my eyes. It was taken 3 months ago and now I understand why my beloved other half has been nagging me to go there. The only China Town I know in Bangkok is the area around Yaowarat Road, where gold shops, eating places, variety of shops available. Some of my friends love to shop at China Town as they can negotiate the price or, better than that they can get the wholesale price when they buy 3 pieces or more. Of course you need to be careful of pickpockets, and not to be lost around the network of alleys.

What can we normally eat at China Town? Obviously, Chinese Food, and there are tons of places from stall places to high-end, from dim sum to seafood and most of them are good. Normally we go to a small shop (not the fancy restaurants), which sells soup, and dessert.

Fish Maw Soup
Shark Fin Soup 
The dishes we normally eat are fried rice with crab, stirred fried morning glory, fish maw soup and shark fin soup, accompanied by sweet chrysanthemum beverage. The shop is not grand, the price are not so cheap but affordable, and the food taste great (they don’t put sugar in every meal like most places).  Fried rice is my favorite since I don’t like the texture of shark fin and fish maw in the soup. However, I always help my other half to finish the soup, (but not the ingredients), and always buy something to enjoy the next day. 


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