Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Bangkok, Goodbye Yangon 9!

Yes, this is it, the new airport, clean, empty, and tranquil. The airline sometimes forget to announce that we are now boarding or sometimes announce too loud to understand what they wanted us to do. Anyway, it is good to be alert all the time, to have sharp-eyed in any situation, right? While we were waiting for the boarding time, some goods had been transported; some freight had been put back from our passenger aircraft and after some time I was worried about our luggage. Luckily, nothing bad really happened that day.

I have been eating this particular noodles from 37th street (upper block) for a really long time and can’t get enough of it. Not surprisingly, my other half is also a fan of that noodle shop and we decided to go there to enjoy duck noodles and duck blood curd salad. To tell you the truth, the taste of those noodles remain unchanged while the curd salad taste pretty mediocre.

I would say this post is all about Chinese food. I am a kind of person who prefers to eat anything but rice. So, I was really glad when a friend brought us to Eugenia where I can eat my favorite rice noodle soup, which is way too delicious than Thai style rice noodle soup. (This is just my opinion and you have your rights to disagree).

With Pork
With Chicken
Dumplings, rice noodle spring rolls, accompanied by a cup of tea at Golden Bell Teahouse were undeniably flavorful, and which is why I always go there to eat those before going to Scott market or Zaw Gyi house for a cup of coffee. 


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