Monday, September 27, 2010

A short-order cook!

I have a difficult time of eating new food, cooking new recipe, or trying new things out of my habit. I hope those excuses qualify for my not so great dishes at home, and here they are, my usual meals.I always pan-fry these eggplants before I turn them into one of my favorite dish, Burmese style eggplant dish.

When it comes to shrimp or fish or meat, me and my other half do have our preferences, for example, while I love eating the combination of shrimp and bamboo shoot dish, he definitely goes for pan-fried ground shrimp ball or pickled fish.

Normally, we can’t resist vegetables and here are a few dishes. In truth, I am facing the dilemma of trying new recipes or eating the same dishes, which is such a crushing bore. 

Spicy masala Okra


စႏၵကူး said...

yummy !!!..i like eggplants & okra...mostly all vege :))

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