Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Bangkok, Goodbye Yangon 11!

A quick recap of my recent trip to Yangon would be the following: the growth of my youngest nephew, the improved health of my father, the rainy days, a few insults from a never before met so-called acquaintance, the lovely family from Sakura Dental clinic (Thanks a lot, Ma Ma War for the presents and discount), and most of all busy as bee dear friends. Anyway, we are trilled to have friends like them, calling us from time to time, and treated us with a lunch or dinner.

Normally I would have lunch at home, but this specific day, we got a call from his childhood friend who wanted us to experience Burmese food @ this famous shop (Feel), as if we were not Burmese.  So there we were, shocked by the variety of dishes, sweated it out in the shop, which has only one entrance, a few windows in the front and a few fans which can function only one direction.  It was dark, noisy, and so-so dishes and yet crowded. I am sure that the rest of us won’t perceive the same, as I am such an uncooperative, pessimistic person in my milieu.

We were also invited by his friend’s couple to have dinner at Shwe Kaung Hot Pot. I have never been to that place even though it is located in the township I live. It is an open-air shop and I don’t have to worry about my claustrophobia or acousticophobia. The only thing I don’t like is the price, though we are not the ones who pay. We can select vegetables, seafood, and meat of our preference first and let’s the feast begins. They provide clear and the spicy soup, and without doubt I love the spicy ones, which reminds me of Yunan province.

I love the pizza, though the shrimps were not supposed to be dried, the cake and the fresh fruit provided by the airline. Just like Ma Ma KOM commented before, the Yangon trip will always be “never ending story”. Even so I would like to end my most recent trip with this post and personally wish to have more new posts under this “ Hello Bangkok, Goodbye Yangon” title. 


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