Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello Bangkok, Goodbye Yangon 10!

Snacks of my last trip would be puri, vadai and dosai from different teahouses. The above vadai and tea were from Mercury teahouse, located across from B.E.H.S No (5) Batathaung.  They were delicious indeed but it was the presentation, the smell from the kitchen, and the young students who didn’t care the surroundings, bothered me the whole time I was sitting there. I can’t imagine what kind of life they are living, school, lunch at teahouse, tuition, learning with special guide at home, tv, computer games, and yet the parents have to figure out what kind of Batik the teachers like.

These puri, dosai and unforgettable tea were from one of the Golden City teahouse branches, one of favorite places to have Indian food in Yangon: not really dirty, reasonable price, and can get refilled for the side dish whether you order curry or dosai. However, some branches can be noisy, crowded and hot.

Zaw Gyi House
Coffee Circles
Enough with the Indian snacks and tea, and let’s talk about coffee that I had from Season, Zaw Gyi House and Coffee circles during my last trip. Excepting the Premier 2 plus 1 coffee that I drink every day, I love the one from Zaw Gyi house. Coffee from Season was not so memorable, and the one from Coffee Circles was so strong for my taste. Anyway, I am content with the wifi service from Coffee Circles and Pwint Thit San Café, which is situated on the Kabaaye Pagonda Road, Bahan Township. 


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