Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pattaya Opening

If we intend to spend a night or two in Pattaya, a city located about 165 km southeast of Bangkok in Chonburi Province, we normally take a tour bus, check-in at our prearranged hotel and after that, we go the beach or shopping malls. Yes, we do like Central Festival Pattaya and Royal Garden Plaza on the beach road in Central Pattaya, and Outlet mall in South Pattaya for various reasons. 

Anyway, not so long ago, we had a chance to go to there again. It was not by choice, and more likely by chance that we went this time. A friend wanted to explore around Bangkok when she was here and decided to go there for a day trip. Since it is a day trip, a bus is not the best option, and we went there by car.

Without soup for him
With soup for me
Our first stop is at the food center where we can enjoy noodles or KFC, situated on the Bangkok-Chonburi Motorway. It is more like our ritual thing for us to stop there for a noodle and a bottle of coke. After an hour and half drive from food center, we reach to Pattaya, where we can go to the beach directly or go to other attractions. This time we stopped by at Artificial Floating Market first to buy some snacks for us to enjoy during tv time at home and take a look at those cute little sculptures, of course.

Just love to watch an honest smile
What are they looking at? 

I love it!
Though I am not a cat nor dog person, I do love those cute little things.


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