Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello Bangkok, Goodbye Yangon 8!

Well, well, well, I am back from my hometown and asked myself what did I do during those particular days. The answer is “nothing special”. I ran back and forth between my parents and my in-laws’ places, gathering with my dear friend, and most of all, eating my favorite local food as much as I can throughout my visit. Thus I have to break my own pattern of eating the same food at the same place. Apart from all the food I had during my last trip in July, I was able to eat the following snacks: banana fritters were very appetizing thanks to thin batter, fish cake salad was not so palatable, and the rest were undoubtedly delicious.

I did go to Kanok and check the price for both fabric and ready-made costume. The prices are not so different from BKK except the fact that we can get 30-50% discount rate for the same product at some shops here.  I was surprised to see very cheap price at first, but I was totally wrong: I misunderstood the value of the products that were priced in Thai Baht with our own currency “kyats”. How can I be such a dull witted person sometime?


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