Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rose Garden Riverside 1!

Recently, I have had a chance to experience garland making, fruit carving, rice pounding and cultivating, etc. in Thai Village @ the Rose Garden Riverside, which is located an hour drive without traffic from Bangkok. Though I am interested in art, I will not succeed in making beautiful flower garlands or fruit carving for sure. 

I have heard so much about fruit carving from my teacher, and sadly for me, it is not even possible to hold the knife to execute the designs.  By the way, fruit carving is the part of Thai heritage, and they are meant to enchant the table and create the fabulous visual arts.

What can we do @ Rose Garden riverside? We can spend our morning @ Thai Village and Thai Village culture show in the afternoon. The entrance fees for each program is 500 Bahts/person and for the moment they have promotions: only 390 Bahts/person/program including International Buffet lunch. I missed the Cultural show as the show time slips my mind. I have noticed a lot of students were there to learn the culture and I believe they have had a great time. 


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