Wednesday, September 8, 2010

City Line and Canton House

One of my favorite breakfast of all time
Last weekend was not exceptionally thrilling due to bad weather, by which I meant, very hot. By morning, the city was blanketed by sun and we waited until afternoon to avoid high temperature. Our breakfast was the only special thing happened last weekend. Since I bought sticky rice from the near by market, I decided to eat that with our native specialties as opposed to different fried fishes or grilled cat fish sold in the market.


We were free and easy after we made a few social calls on Sunday. So we decided to ride on the City Line, which was opened on August 23 this year. Its services consist of the Express Line, a 15-minute non-stop service between the Makkasan city air terminal and the airport, and the City Line, a commuter rail service with 8 stations, from Suvarnabhumi Airport, via Makkasan city air terminal, to Phaya Thai station in central Bangkok. It took us about 30 minutes from Rajprarop Station to Airport excluding waiting time for train, which is 15 minutes.

Of course, we were starving after that (I would call) little excursion and made up our mind not to return home for dinner and eat at The Canton House, south of PhayaThai BTS station. They have two menus, one for the dishes and one for dim sum. The prices are printed and I found that very reasonable. The drinks are not complimentary but it costs only 10 Bahts and you can get refilled as much as you drink.

Fried Egg noodles with shrimp and pork

We did eat fried egg noodle, fried vegetable, along with shrimp and crab dim sums, and the dessert. The noodles are delicious but a little bit oily, and wait for it, there was only one shrimp (I can’t decide it is for us to eat or as a garnish). The fried vegetables? It tasted good but some pieces are not chewable.

Various Shrimp and Crab Dim Sums
 Shrimp wonton with mayonnaise
Most dim sums were just ok, which make me hunger for dim sum at Traders Hotel, Yangon. My big disappointment is the waiting time: we had to wait a while to order (it wasn’t crowded though), wait for dim sum to arrive, wait for waiters to give us refill for the drinks, and most of all asking us about whether we were waiting for the bill before the dessert had not yet come.

Rice Sesame Balls in Ginger Syrup 
I think shortage of manpower seems to be their main drawback, considering the fact that only one guy is taking order from customers. In addition to that, job responsibilities are not clearly defined: like everyone is doing everyone’s job but not in a perfect way. This is it; I wish The Canton House could provide better service in future, as I am not so sure about going back there.


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