Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tang Frères

While I was searching for one TV channel a few days ago, I bumped into the airing, featuring “Thai Food reaches the world”. What really thrilled me is not the food, it is the place they are promoting: Tang Brothers, “ Tang Frères”, in Paris 13e district or Paris’s China Town. My thoughts flashed back to a few years back instantly: noodles, fish sauce, jasmine rice, you name it, I can find them there. Going there from time to time was an addiction for my dear friends, and me and luckily for us, Tang Frères completed our need for Asian food.

After watching the program and heard those two brothers speak perfect Thai, I began to curious about them. So I did a little search and found out the following:  It is inspiring, Bou and Bounmy Rattanavan born in Laos by Chinese parents, and here is the timeline.
  - 1971: Bounmy arrived from Laos and enrolled at INSA Lyon.
 - 1976:Bounmy and his elder brother Bou, create Tang Brothers, an import-
    export of Asian  products.
 - 1995: creation of Tang Brothers International.
 - 2001: Tang Media begins to distribute French films in China.
 - 2006: launch Chinese channels television in France.

Well, I have a confession to make here; I miss the chicken sandwich, which contains the unusual ingredients like pickled vegetables and fresh chili from the small shop near “Tang Frères”. (The style is between the French Bistro sandwich and Subway). I just wish I had a chance to go there once again and live for the moment.

* The logo is from Google search and the timeline of the Brothers are from here.


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